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Cloud visibility solution with fortified security

Prakash KanthiFeb 6,2015
Cloud Monitoring, Cohesive, DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring

Cloud environments often fall short in terms of networking flexibility. Most cloud environments are starting to offer virtual cloud packages to address this shortfall. Traditional mid-to-large businesses require unique networking features with added layers of security on top. To address these problems Cohesive Networks introduced an All-in-one solution called VNS3 few years ago that fulfills


3 initial steps to adopt Cloud-as-a-service

Prakash KanthiFeb 4,2015
Cloud Monitoring, Hybrid IT Monitoring, NFV, SDN

After long time I read an interesting article on what it takes to adopt a new service. Good folks @ Infonetics conducted a survey on Cloud technologies and the results are surprising. Here is a snippet from their news: “Cloud providers’ top challenges are non-technical: Meeting customer concerns about loss of control over private data,



Prakash KanthiJan 30,2015
Cloud Monitoring, Hybrid IT Monitoring, Security

It baffles me that the CSO’s get only 10% of the total IT budget in organizations even in 2010s where we have seen at least one noteworthy security breach. And 9 out of that 10% is spent on threat prevention software leaving 1% of IT budget to other security products like threat detection and network


Challenges of Hybrid IT Services

Prakash KanthiSep 5,2014
Cloud Monitoring, Hybrid IT Monitoring

Research shows that 70% of new IT investment is going to at least consider Cloud adoption. Now that is bold target in my opinion. Enterprises and service providers have long ways to go in fortifying cloud links before expanding big in the cloud. We personally like to see this happen sooner than anyone else as



Prakash KanthiAug 4,2014
DevOps, Hybrid IT Monitoring, Security

Security is the one word that makes people stop and think for a minute on the impact of their actions. With the uncertainty that cloud imposes on where the resources and data are hosted makes cloud security a hot topic. I really like the cloud security model put together by Mark Nunnikhoven, where the shared