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You must be wondering why Rocket is being introduced so vehemently into the market. Well the makers of Rocket (CoreOS) are also a Docker contributors. The philosophical difference of opinion on what a Container should be is what propelled CoreOs team to introduce Rocket. Here are the advantages of both the solutions at a high level.
  • Growing to be more than a Container technology with its Cluster API, that “enables” advanced Orchestration capabilities.
  • Fits into the Telco NFV model by standardizing the packaging and orchestration functions of Containers that are analogous to ‘Virtual Network Functions’
  • Ideal for Hybrid IT environments because of it’s increasing integration capabilities with AWS, etc…
  • Promise to stick with ‘App Container’ specification¬†helps certain organizations that need flexibility and control of managing a container.
  • Preserving the sanctity of Container Security as the demand grows in Container space is certainly a challenging task. I personally think Docker is not an ideal implementation from a security aspect.
  • New entrant on the block attraction index of Rocket is certainly going to help CoreOS bank on the momentum. The zeal to right the wrongs of Docker implementation will benefit the adopters in the areas like Networking, Security, etc…



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