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Cloud visibility solution with fortified security

Cloud environments often fall short in terms of networking flexibility. Most cloud environments are starting to offer virtual cloud packages to address this shortfall. Traditional mid-to-large businesses require unique networking features with added layers of security on top. To address these problems Cohesive Networks introduced an All-in-one solution called VNS3 few years ago that fulfills your need for a VPN, Gateway, Firewall, Switch and Router.
Now to address the visibility into very secure, network rich Cloud environment that Cohesive offers, DataTap has ported dProbe to run inside a VNS3 instance. This allows VNS3 users to get complete visibility of their Cloud infrastructure.
Following are the three basic advantages of DataTap Cloud Visibility solution:
  • Application Performance Management (traffic visibility & latency analysis) with agent-less architecture
  • Advanced Threat detection & log correlation in a dynamic cloud computing model
  • Seem-less integration with on-premises service monitoring with Hybrid-IT deployment support

Take a look at how your cloud instances in multiple cloud vendors can leverage VNS and SightApps to achieve Cloud visibility.





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