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3 initial steps to adopt Cloud-as-a-service

After long time I read an interesting article on what it takes to adopt a new service. Good folks @ Infonetics conducted a survey on Cloud technologies and the results are surprising. Here is a snippet from their news:
“Cloud providers’ top challenges are non-technical: Meeting customer concerns about loss of control over private data, and helping customers overcome resistance to procedural change or understand how to take advantage of off-premises cloud services,” Grossner said.
I am sure by now you are tired of Something-as-a-Service phenomena. First came IaaS even though people did not take a notice until SaaS came along. Now several vendors are offering Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). While all this is going on in the public cloud market, enterprises & carrier vendors put their own spin on it with SDN and NFV. Now they all are converging back to a hybrid architecture that demands some serious thought into addressing issues like security, optimization and of course cost structures.
Following are the three initial steps to adopt a Cloud-as-a-Service (CaaS):
  • Align your service infrastructure strategy with long term corporate goals
  • Have a resident Cloud expert that also knows enough about SDN/NFV
  • Last but most important, have a network visibility and analytics solutions like ours in place.


Take a look at the top three concerns of your customers when using cloud services.


You can find the full Infonetics report here.


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