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It baffles me that the CSO’s get only 10% of the total IT budget in organizations even in 2010s where we have seen at least one noteworthy security breach. And 9 out of that 10% is spent on threat prevention software leaving 1% of IT budget to other security products like threat detection and network DVR type applications. As cloud adoption accelerates, cloud security practices are in check and so are the items that need a CSO attention.
In an InformationWeek article on cloud security practices, Amrit Williams placed Continuous visibility as the top security practice. Here is an excerpt from his posting:

First and foremost, companies need to have 100% continuous visibility into their technology assets and services. In brief, you can’t secure what can’t see. Know what you’ve got and what it’s doing at all times. This sounds incredibly basic, but given the automated, elastic, on-demand nature of modern virtual infrastructure, visibility can be a challenge. Once you understand what’s going on with your infrastructure, applications, data, and users, you can begin to understand how to limit your attack surface and better prevent or mitigate attacks.


You can read the complete article here.

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