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Challenges of Hybrid IT Services

Research shows that 70% of new IT investment is going to at least consider Cloud adoption. Now that is bold target in my opinion. Enterprises and service providers have long ways to go in fortifying cloud links before expanding big in the cloud. We personally like to see this happen sooner than anyone else as our business (help visualize, optimize and secure cloud integration) depends on cloud adoption by enterprises.
Our recent experiment with AWS with open access to our public IPs on limited set of ports showed that, systems can bought down to knees by attacks from usual suspect nations within hours. Don’t get me wrong – cloud providers have built-in security checkpoints to filter as much traffic as possible. But they often fall short of the stringent enterprise security requirements. Have a look at what Gartner has to say about enterprise cloud adoption.

“For critical applications and data, IT organizations have not adopted public cloud computing as quickly. Many IT organizations discover that public cloud service providers (CSPs) cannot meet the security requirements, integrate with enterprise management, or guarantee availability necessary to host critical applications. Therefore, organizations continue to own and operate internal IT services that house critical applications and data” said Chris Howard, managing vice president at Gartner (read more)

Does this mean enterprises are not going to migrate to clouds anytime soon. Not really. Here is more…

“IT organizations that do not match the request for IT as a service run the risk of internal customers bypassing the IT organization and consuming IT services from the external cloud, thereby placing the company at greater risk,” said Mr. Howard. IT organizations are becoming the broker to a set of IT services that are hosted partially internally and partially externally — hybrid IT architecture.

So you must be thinking – IT is under pressure to get to public clouds to avoid silo cloud users, so what? Well, Hybrid IT services creates symmetry between internal and external IT resources that will force enterprises to fortify their cloud services as much as on-prem enterprise services. Now the question is how much of the cloud is secure? To begin with, one must ask, how much of the cloud network can IT departments has visibility to in the midst of all of this?

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