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Troubleshoot Call Quality Issues in IMS / VoIP

Prakash Kanthi
May 27,2015
DevOps,Docker,Hybrid IT Monitoring,IMS,NFV,SDN,VoIP

If you are troubleshooting call quality issues, you must agree that the time is of essence. You need tools that give you more than a bar graph or a pie chart. You need a solution that tells you a story. A story that lays out the critical data points collected from multiple sources over a


International Telecom Week (ITW) 2015

Prakash Kanthi
May 10,2015
Datacenter,DevOps,Docker,Hybrid IT Monitoring,OpenStack,VoIP

Looking forward to seeing you all. We help you with managing SLAs, Oversubscriptions and resource optimization with our solutions. Come see us at ITW2015 Booth 1620.