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Cognitive Analytics

Prakash KanthiJun 19,2017
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If your IT environment is like 90% of the other complex environments out there, chances are that you are dealing with lots of data (structured & unstructured) and limited resources (Tools & Personnel). Powerful technologies exist and are being improved that automate analytics and decision making. Among the technologies driving IT automation are machine learning, neural


Infrastructure Performance Management

Prakash KanthiMay 22,2017
Application Performance Management, Chatbot, Datacenter, DevOps, Digital Performance Management, Flow Management, IoT, Mobile PoS

Application Performance Management (APM) solutions have helped IT teams considerably in cleaning up issues in running applications efficiently. With the cloud and virtual infrastructure adoption, focus now drifting towards Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) and Digital Performance Management (DPM) solutions as issues span beyond the applications.  IPM & DPM have been at the forefront of several


Private Cloud Infrastructure Visibility

Prakash KanthiJul 27,2016
Application Performance Management, AWS, Cloud Monitoring, Datacenter, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, OpenStack

As private cloud implementations are moving into mainstream technology adoption, customers are facing with a new set of visibility challenges. We spoke to a senior director at one of the consulting firms that deals with numerous end customers with active OpenStack projects. He asked basic questions like, “we do not know if the instance came up or


Advanced Threat Defense

Prakash KanthiJan 21,2016
AWS, Azure, Cloud Monitoring, Datacenter, Docker, Flow Management, Hybrid IT Monitoring, IMS, NFV, Security

Fifteen plus years of efforts to curb IT security issues are still searching for answers. Hackers are getting innovative day by day always having a slight edge over their IT targets. Along came security solutions such as Anti-Malware, Firewalls, IDS, IPS and WAF. Unfortunately there is a common fallacy among all these solutions in the


NFV, Cloud IMS – Assurance Strategy

Prakash KanthiJun 22,2015
DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, IMS, NFV, SDN, VoIP

As your network architecture evolves and migrates into a public or/and private cloud environment, voice network requires more TLC. Unlike other IP applications, VoIP/IMS applications require consistent timing for flaw-less operation. With the uncertain compute characteristics that cloud brings-in, your vIMS service assurance becomes a priority. CHALLENGE Adoption of cloud based call control services is


DataCenter Operators: Key Concerns and Top Priorities

Prakash KanthiJun 18,2015
Datacenter, DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, NFV, SDN, Security

Recent survey of Datacenter operations managers revealed that Security and System Performance are the top two challenges in the fast growing data traffic environment. Understanding datacenter operations goes long ways into addressing these challenges. Check out our products and services designed for Datacenter operations. Our solutions give a single pane of glass to address multiple challenges


Troubleshoot Call Quality Issues in IMS / VoIP

Prakash KanthiMay 27,2015
DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, IMS, NFV, SDN, VoIP

If you are troubleshooting call quality issues, you must agree that the time is of essence. You need tools that give you more than a bar graph or a pie chart. You need a solution that tells you a story. A story that lays out the critical data points collected from multiple sources over a


International Telecom Week (ITW) 2015

Prakash KanthiMay 10,2015
Datacenter, DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, OpenStack, VoIP

Looking forward to seeing you all. We help you with managing SLAs, Oversubscriptions and resource optimization with our solutions. Come see us at ITW2015 Booth 1620.  



Prakash KanthiFeb 13,2015
Cloud Monitoring, Cohesive, Hybrid IT Monitoring, NFV, SDN, Security

If you are an IT manager planning a hybrid cloud environment, you are concerned about the aspects such as security in a public cloud and cost of a private cloud. Although security is a top concern in public clouds, the automation appeal of a public cloud is still a big plus. Here are some factors



Prakash KanthiFeb 12,2015
DevOps, Docker, Hybrid IT Monitoring, NFV, SDN

You must be wondering why Rocket is being introduced so vehemently into the market. Well the makers of Rocket (CoreOS) are also a Docker contributors. The philosophical difference of opinion on what a Container should be is what propelled CoreOs team to introduce Rocket. Here are the advantages of both the solutions at a high